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Updated on October 4, 2021

A work permit allows an employer (a company) to hire a foreign employee.

A work permit is a document that has the name of both employer and employee on it. It means the work permit is valid only for one job with one employer. If the employer or job is changed, the work permit should also be changed.

Employment of foreign employees without a work permit may lead to huge fines for a company and its director (up to USD 40 000).

The usual duration for a work permit is 1 year, however, it is possible to get a 3-year work permit for the special category of employees (link).

The labor center charges the employer a state fee for the issue of the work permit. The amount payable depends on the duration:

● 1 year – 4 subsistence minimums (2270 x 4 = UAH 9080, it’s about USD 340)

● 3 years – 6 subsistence minimums (2270 x 6 = UAH 13620, it’s about USD 510).

The subsistence minimum in 2021 is UAH 2270. This amount changes every year.

It takes up to 2 weeks to get a work permit.

A work permit is a basis for the further legalization of the foreigner in Ukraine. Having a work permit, a foreigner is able to apply for a long-term D visa and a temporary residence permit. A 3-years work permit allows getting a 3-years TRP.

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