Are you planning to visit Ukraine soon? The information below will help you to get ready in advance and to avoid stressful situations at the Ukrainian border. 

According to the current rules of entry to Ukraine a foreigner must have an insurance policy issued by an insurance company registered in Ukraine, that covers costs for treatment of COVID-19, observation, and is valid for the entire period of stay in Ukraine.

Besides at the border you will be asked to download an application Vdoma    (available in English) and to register yourself on it: to input your telephone number (a confirmation code will be sent) and your passport data. 

The above mentioned steps you may do in advance, but do not confirm your data before a border guard will check and confirm them. After the data confirmation is done a countdown of 72 hours will begin in the application, during which you can take a test for COVID-19 and, having received a negative result, terminate the self-isolation mode.

So, there is no need to do anything with the counter that will start running on your screen. Your next step is to visit a laboratory where a test for COVID-19 can be done in Ukraine.

Based on personal experience I recommend Synevo laboratory as the most convenient one with affordable prices and a wide net of branches.

Please note that for the app Vdoma both PCR and 15-minutes Antigen tests are valid. I recommend the one for antigen as it is cheaper (UAH 600 vs 990) and faster (15 minutes vs 24 hours).

Here are the steps to be done:

  1. Prebook and prepay your test online on their website (you may get a 10% discount for online payment). For a 15-minutes Antigen test please input 2458 code in a “search tests” field and for a PCR test the code is 3363. Importante! When filling out the form, please, mark the field “Include results in “Diy Vdoma” as you can see in the screenshot. Thus you will allow the results from the laboratory to be automatically sent to your app Vdoma (may take up to 24 hours).
  2. Choose and visit the nearest branch of the Synevo laboratory where you can get tested for COVID-19. Please note, that with the prebooking number you will have a priority before those who came without online preboking. 
  3. Get your result (within 15 minutes for Antigen test and within 24 hours for PCR test).
  4. In case your result is negative the countdown in your app Vdoma will automatically stop and the button “cancel your self-isolation” will appear. Just press the button and it will be over.


Hope the above information will help you to go through the process smoothly and to enjoy your trip to Ukraine.