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We provide a wide range of additional services concerning moving to or staying in Ukraine or doing business here. Among them are:

  • Opening a bank account
  • Business / residence address in Ukraine
  • Nominal director for a company
  • Labour contract for a director
  • Appointment a foreigner as a director
  • Accounting services
  • Real estate broker services
  • Investment opportunities
  • Opening a bank account for LLC

The bank account of a company is opened following the registration of the company with the state authorities. The application for opening such a bank account is filed by the company’s director. The list of the documents needed for opening a bank account depends on a servicing bank and shall be provided by such a bank to a company. There is a number of foreign-owned banks in Ukraine, e.g.:

  • Credit Agricole,
  • BNP Paribas,
  • Citi,
  • Deutsche Bank Ukraine,
  • Raiffeisen Bank Aval,
  • Pravex Bank (owned by Intesa Sanpaolo),
  • OTP Bank Ukraine,
  • ING Bank Ukraine,
  • ProCredit Bank (controlled by the German shareholders).

There are also reputable local banks, including state-owned banks.

Once you find the bank that suits your needs, we can discuss with them the package of the documents to be submitted. With any bank, it will be important to demonstrate ownership structure and disclose the ultimate beneficial owner(s) for the purposes of their KYC/financial monitoring procedures.

Our legal fees for helping you with opening bank accounts will be USD 500.

See also how to open a personal bank account in Ukraine.


  • Business / residence address registration

According to Ukrainian legislation a legal entity or an individual resided in Ukraine must have a registered address. An individual must register the residence address within 30 days after a residence permit was grunted.

We can arrange this service via our subcontractors with whom we cooperate in similar circumstances.

We will do this on your behalf with a power of attorney, so you will not be involved in this bureaucratic process.

The fees for a temporary registered office address (including mail delivery response service) start from USD 350 per year.

  • Nominal director for a company

When and what for a nominal director for a company is needed?

Foreigners can be founders / co-founders of a company without restrictions in Ukraine. But in order to employ a foreigner as a director a company has to apply for a work permit first. The application for obtaining a work permit is filled by a company itself. Work permits could be granted only to the already established companies.

At the same time the appointment of the director under Ukrainian law is conducted simultaneously with the registration of a newly created company. For this reason, the first director of the company should be a resident of Ukraine.

We provide a service of a nominal director for 1 month (the time needed to obtain a work permit for a foreigner and appoint him as a permanent director).

The fee is 500 USD for a nominal director per month.

Labour contract with a director

Once you have a company and the local director in place, an application for a work permit for an expat can be filed by the company. The documents for such an application can be prepared simultaneously with the incorporation of the company.

Ukrainian law requires an employer to have an employment contract with the director of the company. This is also to the benefit of the company as it gives further protections to the employer vis-à-vis an employee. We can assist you with preparing an employment contract both with the local director and expat director.

Our legal fees will be the following:

  • Preparing standard and simple employment contract with the local director – USD 350.
  • Preparing employment contract with the expat director – USD 1,000.


Appointment of a foreign citizen as a Director of a Ukrainian company

Ukrainian companies are entitled to employ foreigners after obtaining permits for employment of a foreigner (commonly called a “Work Permit“) issued by the regional department of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine.

We can help to appoint a foreigner as a director of the company and prepare all the necessary documentation for that. Our fee for this service is 500 USD.

  • Accounting services

We are able to offer accounting services for your business in Ukraine. We do cooperate with a couple of accounting firms (international and local) with a wide range of prices for their services. Depending on your business and request we will recommend you the most suitable company.

  • Real estate broker services

The real estate consultants that we cooperate with, could find for you suitable property in Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine. If you need an office or residential premise for rent or purchase – contact us and we will put you in touch with the best real estate consultants, depending on your request.

  • Investment opportunities

If you are looking for investment opportunities in Ukraine we can offer you many options together with our partners and clients. We do cooperate with the investment bankers as well as with well-established businesses and startups which are attractive for investing.

Foreigners who made the investment of USD $100,000 or more in the economy of Ukraine are eligible to apply for a permanent residence permit.

The most popular way of making foreign investment to Ukraine is to set up an LLC in Ukraine and to contribute the investment to its charter capital.

There are other legal instruments for the investment in Ukraine (Joint Venture, privatization, concessions, etc.), appropriateness of which depends on your final goals.

The investment contributed to the charter capital of the LLC registered in Ukraine can be used for current operations of the company, as well as for buying property (including buying real estate, other assets or commodity).

In the event of investment activity termination, a foreign investor shall be entitled within 6 months following the day of termination of such an activity to recoup any investment in-kind or in the currency of investment in the amount of the actual contribution without payment of duty, along with profits from those investments in monetary form or in goods at the actual market value at the time of investment activity termination.

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