List of documents for a work permit

Below you will find a list of documents needed for the work permit.

From the employee (foreigner):

  • copy of the passport with certified translation to Ukrainian;

  • one photo card of a foreigner in the size of 3.5 x 4.5 cm;

From the employer (company):

  • a copy of the draft employment agreement with a foreigner, certified by the employer;

  • application to the labor center;

  • power of attorney for representatives.

For the employment of certain categories of foreigners, the employer shall additionally submit the following documents concerning:

  • graduates of the universities included in the first hundred of the world universities rankings – a copy of the diploma of higher education of the corresponding university recognized in Ukraine in accordance with the established procedure;

  • foreign workers of creative professions – notarized copies of documents identifying the object of copyright and/or related rights of the author and certify authorship (copyright);

  • detached foreign workers – a copy of the agreement concluded between the Ukrainian and foreign business entities, which provides for the employment of foreigners who are sent by a foreign employer to Ukraine to perform a certain work (provide services);

  • intra-corporate placements – a decision of a foreign business entity to transfer a foreigner to work in Ukraine, and a copy of an agreement concluded between a foreigner or a stateless person and a foreign business entity, about the transfer to work in Ukraine with the definition of the term of employment in Ukraine;

  • persons recognized as refugees – copies of the decision of such recognition as a refugee or a person requiring additional protection; and a certificate of application for protection in Ukraine.

For the employment of founders and/or shareholders, and/or beneficial owners of a legal entity, a labor center independently receives information from the Unified State Register about the connection of such employees to the company.

For the employment of foreign IT professionals, the labor center independently receives information if the employer has registered his main business activity as computer programming.

The documents which were issued abroad should be legalized in accordance with the established procedure (apostille in most of the cases).

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