Any work permit can be extended (prolonged) for the same time, as it was issued. A one year permit may be prolonged for a new 1-year term. A 3-year permit may be prolonged for a new 3-year term.

For prolongation, the employer should submit the application, a photo card of the employee and the original (current) work permit.

If the position of the employee, the terms of the employment contract or passport data has changed, the following shall be additionally submitted:

• copy of the draft employment contract with a foreigner, certified by the employer and/or

• copy of the pages of the passport document of the foreigner with a translation into Ukrainian, certified in the prescribed manner (with notarized signature of the translator).


Hereinafter – the copy of the document shall be made up of the words “According to the original” (in Ukrainian, of course), the title of the person, the personal signature of the person certifying the copy, its initials and surname, the date of certification of the copy.

After receiving from the Labor Center an email, stating that the extension of the work permit has been approved, it is necessary to pay the state fee.

The amount payable depends on the duration:

● 1 year – 4 subsistence minimums (2102 x 4 = UAH 8408)

● 3 years – 6 subsistence minimums (2102 x 6 = UAH 12612).

The subsistence minimum in 2020 is UAH 2102. This amount changes every year.

It is important that the payment receipt indicates the name of the foreigner for whom the payment is made and the name of the employer.

The payment must be done within 10 working days after the work permit was grunted, otherwise it will be counseled by the Labor Center.

In a few days after the payment, it will be possible to pick up a new work permit.