Not all foreigners need a work permit to be able to work in Ukraine. There are some exceptions and we will tell you about them

Without the work permit can be employed:

1) foreigners permanently residing in Ukraine (having Permanent residence permit);

2) foreigners who have acquired refugee status or have received a permit for immigration to Ukraine;

3) foreigners who have been recognized as persons in need of additional protection or who have been granted temporary protection in Ukraine;

4) representatives of the foreign naval (river) fleet and airlines that serve such companies on the territory of Ukraine;

5) employees of foreign mass media accredited to work in Ukraine;

6) athletes who have acquired professional status, artists that arrived to work in Ukraine by profession;

7) employees of emergency rescue services to perform urgent work;

8) employees of foreign missions that are officially registered in Ukraine;

9) priests who are foreigners and temporarily arrived in Ukraine at the invitation of religious organizations to conduct canonical activities only in such organizations with the official consent of the body that registered the statute of the relevant religious organization;

10) foreigners who arrived in Ukraine to participate in the implementation of international technical assistance projects;

11) foreigners who arrived in Ukraine to conduct teaching and / or scientific activities in institutions of professional higher education at their invitation;

12) other foreigners in cases provided by the laws and international treaties of Ukraine, the binding nature of which has been approved by the parliament of Ukraine.